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SleepQuiet Anti-Snore Sleeping Aid

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      Say Goodbye To Sleepless Nights And Stop Snoring! 

      This Anti Snore Sleeping Aid is the gospel of sleeping snorers, allowing your partner to have a night of better sleep.

      Promoting air circulation in the nasal cavity, the SleepQuiet sleeping aid relieves pressure on the respiratory system and circulatory system caused by hypoxia, effectively solving the problem of nasal congestion.


      • Unique, comfortable design that stops snoring and increases airflow
      • Made of high quality soft and comfortable silicone, soft and safe even on the most sensitive skin.
      • Reusable - simply insert the snoring vent in one motion into the nostrils, and sleep easily without snoring and sniffing during the night.
      • Maximizes airflow in the nasal passages.
      • Made of medical-grade silicone, completely free of BPA and other chemical foaming agents, non-toxic, tasteless, soft and comfortable to wear, and almost invisible.

      It will not affect normal sleeping posture or cause any allergic symptoms at all. It is hygienic, convenient and reusable, suitable for any shape of nostril.

      It is very convenient to use, just gently push it into the nostril, with no foreign body sensation and pressure.

      Not only can it prevent snoring, unlock the nasal cavity and breathe smoothly, eliminate nasal congestion and increase air circulation, and reduce the burden and pressure of the respiratory system and circulatory system caused by hypoxia. 

      The built-in special magnet will help stimulate the sensory nerves of the nose and exert normal filtering function.

      The sensory nerves of the nasal cavity can effectively filter, control temperature, and adjust the humidity for the inhaled air. 

      At the same time, it can change the habit of breathing in the mouth during sleep and prevent viral and bacterial infections of the upper respiratory tract. (Both men and women can use it).

      Clean it daily after use with mild soapy water and air dry.
      It may take three days to a week to adapt to using the device.

      Material: Silicone
      Weight: 0.024kg (0.05lb.)

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18 Feb 2021
Joanna C.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product
I used to spend hundreds of pounds a year on ...

I used to spend hundreds a year on decent nasal strips to help me sleep since my nasal passageis narrow that in warm air it simply closes up during the night. Now I use these they are so much cheaper and quicker to use. Never going back to strips.

18 Feb 2021
Diandra C.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product
Excellent product that works

I'd been having problems with my breathing at night for years. It wasn't until I read James Nestor's book Breath, that I even heard of such things. However, having purchased a set they have been fantastic. It does feel a bit strange sticking these things up my nose each night, but they do prevent my nostrils from closing and make it much easier to breathe at night. They did take a bit of getting used to, but it didn't take me too long at all and my sleep is the better for them.

18 Feb 2021
Mary F.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product
His feedback for this product is that these Nasal Dilators Vents are the most comfortable he has every had

Bought for my partner - he has tried various options to reduced his snoring. His feedback for this product is that these Nasal Dilators Vents are the most comfortable he has every had. Bought the small size as he has a narrow nasal passage. It has reduced his snoring poss 70% but think he also has issues with the back of his throat but I can live with that now - highly recommend

18 Feb 2021
Robert M.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product
Great stuff

Although these take a little getting used to, I think they are incredible. I have a deviated septum, which means my right nostril feels blocked at night, but after fitting one of these I can breath normally. I would say I am a large male, with average sized nostrils & the small ones fit best. Don't get me wrong, these may not work for everyone, but they did for me. Thanks.

18 Feb 2021
Charlie K.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product
Stop and buy these for a snoring person they will change your life!!

I have a deviated septum and when I lay down I struggle to breathe through my nose. These little vents really do the job to help me breathe through my nose and not my mouth so I've been snoring less. They are comfortable to use and if you get the correct size (I use small) then they will stay in without coming out all night. They are made from plastic so are easily cleaned to keep them hygienic. Will keep buying these and totally recommend them!

18 Feb 2021
Moira O.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product
I love these. They changed my life!

I have been using these for a couple of years now and I absolutely love them. They work! I used to have to jam my mouth open at night to breathe which was uncomfortable to say the least, and would wake up with my mouth feeling disgusting. I have had an op for deviated septum years ago, but that made no difference, and have tried various other nose dilators, strips etc, all of which were useless. Maybe in the beginning these took a bit of getting used to and I would sometimes pull them out in the night without knowing. But I have long since used them every single night, and cant bear the thought of not having one. I now sleep soundly and wake up having breathed through my nose all night - no feelings of suffocation or dry, yukky mouth. I find them comfortable - but rigid enough to keep my nostrils open. They also last a long time as you can wash them. Do give these a try - if they work for you like they work for me, you'll be so glad you bought them.